Memory Care

Finding Joy In Our Daily Lives

Memory care at Belle's House is focused firmly on an individual and on providing a loving, safe, familiar, yet stimulating environment for residents inflicted with alzheimers or other types of dementia. 


An assessment is performed for each resident that identifies their unique abilities and needs and then a care plan is developed by everyone involved to ensure the best possible quality of life.


The plan of care may be as simple as reminding a loved one to take their medications or reading the newspaper together.  For some it may involve reminiscing about good times and family or listening to familiar music.  It could include asking a resident to do familiar household tasks or working in our raised flower bed to improve their sense of value and self worth. 


Our caretakers are certified through the alzheimers's association in the essentIALZ program to improve our ability to relate to our residents. 


Special activities to improve socialization include but are not limited to:  pet visits, Bible study, movie night, exercise group, bingo, and spa days. 



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